In addition to medications and anti-inflammatories, we can relieve lower back pain with this instant and easy treatment at no cost.

Low back pain is one of the most annoying pains you may face. Sometimes it can become disabling, making even the most common activities difficult. How much pain do you feel when riding in a car? Or force yourself to open a simple door? Not to mention having to raise your arms to get dressed! A real disaster. The worst part is that there is no age at which this disorder manifests itself more or less strongly. With the prevalence of sedentary lifestyles today, including lockdown and smart work, even young people are starting to suffer from back pain.

We often throw ourselves into random treatments even by taking medications without consulting any doctor. Something very wrong! If the pain becomes unbearable, disabling and persists over time, the first thing to do is to ask a specialist and be examined. In addition to medications and anti-inflammatories, there are many home remedies that can improve the condition.

A remedy that can give immediate relief, although not always, but certainly welcome, is actually a simple stretching exercise. In addition, there is a way to make lumbar support useful for a better night’s rest.

In addition to medications and anti-inflammatories, we can relieve lower back pain with this instant and easy treatment at no cost.

The exercise that the editorial staff will suggest is really within everyone’s reach. Just lie on the bed, on your stomach, keeping your head, shoulders and arms hanging on the mattress. At the height of the pelvis, you need to put a pillow, maybe it’s too hard. Too soft will not be effective. The body will naturally position itself in an arched position.

Then, let gravity do it: Leave your head and neck, relax your shoulders and hang your arms. Gently, without forcing, you will feel a gentle stretch on your loins. This is a sign that the exercise is paying off and the tensions are easing. You can hold this position for a few minutes with regular breaths.

Another great trick that is also a way to get a better night’s sleep is to make a kind of DIY lumbar pillow. It starts with an old belt. Then you need a fairly large towel, about 70 cm by 50. The towel is folded in half, and then wrapped on the belt to form a kind of sausage about 30 cm. It can be stopped with a pair of wide rubber bands. At this point, just wear the belt, and put the “pillow” under your lower back before going to bed. Rest at night should be of great help.


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