“In Moscow he threatened me, the only thing he understands is strength”

“When people say that Putin has changed and is only now a threat, they are wrong, he actually threatened me at that time. That is why I had no illusions about what it really looked like.” Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown revealed a background on the Russian president in an interview with “The Telegraph Magazine” during an official visit to Moscow in 2006. “I was put in a very low seat to look to it from bottom to top. . Brown remembers that he is definitely a relatively short guy and wears high heels. I knew. Myself “.

Putin, Abramovich save the Ukrainians. Kyiv: “Hundreds of civilians live thanks to him”

The world is divided over sanctions

The former British prime minister believes that Putin responds only to “a relentless and inflexible show of force,” adding: “The only thing he understands is strength. Weakness he exploits, because he is an opportunist even to the ninth degree.” According to Brown, the Western stalemate over invasion The 2014 Russian invasion of Crimea, which happened when David Cameron was prime minister, “allowed Putin to believe he could get away with further raids.” In another BBC interview today, Brown said: “I applaud NATO unity, but there is a problem with Sanctions coordination. What we also saw is global division: 82 countries refuse to support action against Russia for its violation of human liberties, and 150 countries around the world do not impose sanctions. One reason is that we haven’t shown people that Western-led globalization is reducing poverty, raising living standards, and of course tackling climate change in the poorest countries.

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