Is it possible to produce energy by drones?

Absolute novelty in the world of sustainable energy comes from Switzerland, where a completely innovative approach to energy production is being developed. Let’s see what it’s all about together in the following article, trying to understand the large-scale feasibility of this novelty.

Can 100% sustainable energy production using a Drone? In Switzerland, a startup that focuses heavily on this technology is being developed, because it can guarantee a A sustainable future for many cities. The drone uses wind to produce energy, so the higher you go, the more energy it produces, but is it really worth targeting it?

Let’s dive into this issue together in the next article.

Skypull: Here is a sustainable energy production project


The project is in development, but after five years of secret planning, it was finally announced to the world. skypool It is an innovative system of Droneswhich will allow you Wind energy production, a turning point in the use of renewable energy. If the project is implemented, the possibility of its large-scale production should be evaluated.

Startup already tested More than 20 kinds of prototypes It won several Swiss francs as an award for innovation introduced into the world of energy and sustainability. Now let’s see what are the strengths of the project.

Skypell: Why would it work?


Let’s see now What are the characteristics of the Skypull UAV, which will allow the use of drones to generate energy. The big advantage of using drones is that they have one The structure is more resistant and able to better capture wind energy. Compared to other projects such as Skysails sail or Kitenergy kite, this project is more advanced.

But as startup founder Aldo Cattano explains, there are still a few points to iron out: “We are looking for a visionary who is willing to invest in us and accepts that clean energy is a bet, not an immediate win.”

It is rumored that he has set his sights on the project Bill Gates: We will follow the story closely.

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