Isola 16, Estefania and Marialaura question Mercedesz Henger: why

The discussion between Mercedesz Henger and Edoardo Tavassi He is being tried in Honduras, which raises doubts about stefania And the marialaura. It seems that the interest between the two waned even before it blossomed, especially from the Edward.

If, in fact, mercedes She has always said that she is single and ready to meet him even outside the reality show, tavasi It was always mysterious and suspicious. Then, in the last days, she came back from the infirmary where they put four stitches into a deep wound in her hand, Edward He did not hesitate.

there Henger He was visibly surprised at his lack of concern for his health, and was too busy laughing and joking Estefania Bernal. This disappointment provoked a violent conflict, in which all the untouchables were spectators.

In a conversation in the absence of mercedesAnd the stefania And the Marialaura de Vitesse They have expressed doubts about Henger And for his own good Edward, which gives him a realistic reason for its invalidity. But what is surprising is the fact that marialaura Be a close friend of mercedes on the island.

I do not understand why mercedes I got on the boat with EdwardI hugged him after they butchered each other this morning.

there Bernal echoed her:

I saw the pictures and it was a bit embarrassing. It was not consistent.

there De Vitesse he added:

I am as a woman, if a man tells me what he said mercedes, I was making sure he was taken away anyway because he was sick, sure. But hugging and escorting him seemed too much because she was so angry this morning. Health is fine, but it’s one thing to make sure he’s okay, and to stick with him is one thing. Which then might have been the last person Edward needed at that moment.

in the sea, then stefania And the marialaura They continued the conversation, and the second commented:

At this point I feel bad. She advised that when she has to talk to Edo about important and serious things, she should do so without cameras. Instead I did the opposite.

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