Kristel Carisi “breaks” in the casino: how much did Albano and Romina’s daughter win

Kristel Carisi is the third of four children born from the famous marriage of Albano and Romina Power. The girl followed in the footsteps of her parents by becoming a part of the entertainment world and today she is loved by thousands of fans. A few days ago he decided to spend an evening at the casino with his younger sister Romina. However, it was she who got the best of him who brought home a rather lucky sum. Let’s find out how much you win!

young woman Kristel Carisi it’s a ModelAnd the conductor TV and former singer Italian. An all-round artist who definitely inherited the remarkable talent of her parents by breaking into her own niche in the entertainment world. Leave the music industry soon engraved 2 albums After that, she performed some concerts in Italy. for him first discAnd the I promisedhe is chest In the 2005 when he was alone 20 years. However, he is to me album titled Time, nothingness, love and me… to get it Top Famous Five years later, in 2010. After announcing his farewell to music on September 15, 2018, during an episode of very right Entirely dedicated to the world fashion Enjoy a lot of success in addition to Delivery difference TV programs.

Kristel Carisi, TV presenter and mother of three

Kristel Carisi Even today spirits in Zagreb in Croatia. In the 2016 twisted wedding with the ‘employer Chilean Croatian Davor Luksic, one of the richest men in the country, and the manager and owner of a large luxury hotel chain. the couple three children. The first bornAnd the Kay Tyroneborn May 10 2018 His name is in honor of Kristel’s grandfather and Romina Bauer’s father, famous actor Tyrone Bauer. second child cassia yeliniaborn August 10 2019 Named after the first daughter of Romina and Albano who mysteriously disappeared in 1994. Finally, the last access Rio Ines Boy last september.

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Albano and Romina’s daughter winnings in the casino

in the last days Kristel Carisi She gave herself an evening at casino with his sister Romina As shown in the photo that the latter posted on his official profile Instagram. In fact, Cristel, who has always been very active on social media, recently decided to leave the platform where he shared snapshots of his daily life and work. In the Mail by Romina junior le two sisters I immortalized with the The benefits of each From different plays it is strange that Larger managed to dominate a Nice win: more From 700 dollars! Romina Instead, sure less fortunate just to play $0.82.

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