Laura Bossini, the death tears of her friend and colleague: all moved

The unforgettable Raffaella Cara would have turned 79 years old today. Among the many VIPs who remember her on social networks (and not only), Laura Pausini cannot be missing: here are her words.

Almost a year after the death of the Italian Showgirls Queen, who would have turned 79 today, June 18, there are many well-known personalities and ordinary people celebrating and honoring Raffaella Cara. Laura Bossini has made her way on Instagram…

Special Anniversary of Laura Pausini by Rafaella Cara

Happy birthday in all languages ​​of the world, it can be said to paraphrase a famous title. So Laura Pausini wanted to gift an idea to her friend Raffaella: “Happy Birthday Raffaella! You are always with me. ❤️ “, the post that the singer posted in the past few hours on her popular Instagram profile. And again: “Feliz cum Raffaella! Siempre estás conmigo. ❤️ “,” Happy birthday Raffaella! You’re always with me. ❤️ “,” Feliz aniversário Raffaella! Estás always comigo. ❤️ “,” Joyeux anniversaire Raffaella! Tu es toujours avec moi. #raffaellacarra”.

But above all, it’s the delicious clip that accompanies Laura Pausini’s message that captures the curiosity and interest of Instagram folks. The singer, speaking in Spanish on the microphones of the Rtve station, smiles, opens a box and pulls out a blonde wig! A little suspense and…here’s Laura in the platinum version, like her friend — or almost. “I love – the artist continues – the fact that in Spain there is respect, love and passion for Rafaela that I …”. Then he stopped, barely managing to back out Passion and tears.

“They call you ‘La Cara Mora,’” the interlocutor interjects as if trying to get her out of the way. She nodded, her eyes still shining. “You know what, I think…,” continues Laura Bossini, finally putting on the wig, but on the contrary. With the wig turned upside down,” she says, to soften it. “But she’s beautiful,” notes his interlocutor. Then she alluded to “It’s going off, it’s going off, I’m having sex with….”

But then Laura Puccini gets more serious. “I did not imagine – he says – that when Rafaela left Spain she would behave in this way. Or rather, I was aware of love, of your love for him, but I did not imagine all this respect and all this interest you expressed. The other explains: “It was as if It was ours, in the best sense of the word.” “Yes, it’s beautiful,” confirms Laura Puccini, still moving. “Why…wait…that’s what I want to tell you…I don’t cry in pain, I cry because I’m excited. . When my daughter Raffaella was born she told me she wanted to see her and the first trip I took out of the house was to visit her. Raffaella was very excited to meet Paola. Then she told me she was the only one who really knew what it meant to “belong to others”, to someone who was not Italian. The feeling of belonging to a nation that is not yours, you realize that, because people showed it to you. It’s hard to explain and it’s a unique sensation.” Like her, like them…

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