Leg pain, sent the 17-year-old home: “They asked him to do a Doppler ultrasound but in a short time it can only be done by pushing”

Svitanova – the young man was visited in the emergency room and after treatment he was advised to undergo an examination. Father: “I heard from my doctor that they should do it in the hospital, but if you don’t want to wait long, you can just do it in private”

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From Julia Sankrica

Severe pain in his leg: he goes to the emergency room, but comes out with a prescription from a Doppler ultrasound “it is impossible to do quickly in the whole area.”

It happened to a 17-year-old who sought treatment last night Emergency room at Civitanova Hospital. He tells his story about his father, R. M. , who wants to stress that “cuts in health care are inconvenient for patients. Last night – he says – my son went to the emergency room with his grandmother, because of severe pain in his right leg, very swollen. Doctors examined him and he underwent an ultrasound and blood tests. Once phlebitis was assumed, the stomach was punctured and sent home with the advice of a Doppler ultrasound.” The way the father didn’t like it.

“I went to the attending physician – he continues – and he was the one who told me that Doppler ultrasound had to be done in the hospital, not for a fee. A person in these circumstances does not resign. So I went back to the emergency room where they told me to go to the counter to book the test. The cup told me that in the whole area it would not be possible to do it in a short time, and for this reason, I must find a place in private.”

Then the boy’s father criticizes the regional health care department: “I wonder if health is really public – he says -. I’m not saying this is the emergency room’s fault, but because of the constant cuts that are being made to the organization of hospitals: when we need treatment, we have to pay for it. I must admit – and he is confident – that I found a very nice person in the emergency room manager, so much so that he assured us that he was understaffed.”

A man’s complaint is meant to be a complaint against a health system that can be better managed. “It does not seem fair to me that they continue to cut money for healthcare – he adds – and hospitals are forced to work with fewer staff: one cannot believe that Civitanova Hospital will be able to intervene throughout the region.”

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