Macron is in the lead, but loses the absolute majority

The French were invited to vote on the renewal of the National Assembly composed of

577 seats


He defeated many Macron loyalists

He defeated many loyalists of President Macron in the second round. Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon was beaten in her sixth arrondissement in Pas-de-Calais and finished second behind rally national candidate Christine Engrand. So Bourguignon will have to leave the government. The President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand, and the leader of the En Marche in Parliament, Christophe Castaner, were also defeated.

Mélenchon: “Macron’s defeat is complete”

“The defeat of President Emmanuel Macron’s party is complete and there is no majority,” Melenchon said, commenting on the results of the French legislatures. “We do not give up the ambition to govern the country.”

Le Pen seat boom

– If the predictions are confirmed, the formation of Le Pen will be a historic result, since the National Rally did not yet have the 15 deputies needed to form its own group in Parliament (with 6 deputies). In 1986, the National Front group had 35 deputies, only in legislative acts implemented in proportion.

Le Pen: “The best result in our history”

– Le Pen commented: “We have been able to elect a very strong group of deputies to the Assembly, which from now on will be more patriotic. It will be by far the largest in the history of our political family.”

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