Monica Vitti and Roberto Rosso, 49 years of love: the details

between love Monica Vitti and her husband, Roberto Russowhich lasted 49 years, and the man, who has never left the actress alone during two decades of illness, recounted on the pages of Corriere della Sera This sharp story that continues to this day that Monica no longer exists. Roberto also revealed The last love letter from his wifeHe wrote before being sealed in an evil silence.

Monica Vitti’s last message to her husband: “Nothing is beautiful without you”

The interview took place on the pages Corriere della Sera Roberto Rosso narrated from Walter Veltroni the 49-year love with Monica Vitti. “I was 25, I was 16 more than me, and she was the lead actress, she beat ciack.” So the man, the husband of the great singer He disappeared on February 2ndHe told of this love-filled marriage even in his sick years.

“I stayed home for twenty years, by her side, so that I would never feel lonely, and only ever go out shopping and wandering here.” Roberto has never regretted dedicating his life to his suffering wife Lewy body dementiaIt is a disease that causes severe cognitive instability that leads, among other symptoms, to loss of memory, attention and hallucinations.

Man revealed too last love letter She wrote to him by Monica Fetti, before he fell ill: “My great love, my beautiful love, my love love love, how beautiful it is to live with you, work with you, argue with you, make peace with you, build with you, fear, cry and laugh. Nothing is beautiful without you.”

Roberto Rosso has no doubt: “I’m still in love like crazy. Since February I’ve missed a moment in every moment.”

Monica Vitti and Roberto Rosso: Love Divided Only by Death

They met on the set of a movie, Theresa the thief, in 1973 was a simple mechanic, and she was one of the most important actresses of Italian cinema, and she was 16 years older than him. But since then, Monica Vitti and Roberto Rosso have not left each other, and have been together for 49 years.

The couple “just married” in 2000On the rise in the actress’s illness. “I defended Monica, her desire for privacy to the end – explained Risso in her interview – I tried to make her laugh when she could, and to always hold her hand. I would do it again, I will do it again every day of these twenty years that I have been inseparable from The other thirty. They were all great, because they were all with her.”

Endless love, and despite her illness, Monica showed affection to her partner when she could. “To the end I tried to respond,” explains the husband, who, in recent years, has never told any details of the evil that kept his wife away from life and from the stage.

“Monica made me live a beautiful life, every day full of happiness and love” Roberto Rosso concluded, unpublished anecdote: the then-boy, unable to confess his love for Monica Vitti, initially left the set, but then was called, at the behest of the actress who I understood this feeling and already shared.

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