Nutritional alert, this food has been withdrawn: maximum attention

New microbiological dangers lie behind the urgent withdrawal that has appeared in the Ministry’s journal in the past few hours. This time it seems that Sirius bacilli bacteriaHowever, the investigation is still ongoing.

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The Ministry is currently removing many products from the market due to serious microbiological risks to human health. The last reason for withdrawal should be traced back toPresence of Bacillus cereus. Check for toxins in progressSales category, with product brand NATUR Aktiv.

Sales category is BIO TOFU MEDILLONS MIT SPINA Sold in packages of 320 grams.

The name or company name of FBO under which the product is marketed is Biolab Srl via dei Vegetarianiani 2 – 34170 Gorizia.
It was produced at the factory by G.Ressel 12 – 34170 Gorizia. Manufacturer identification tag IT0620210398.

Specifically, the blocked lots and their expiration dates are as follows:

  • Many 21170: 01/14/2023
    Many 21166: 01/18/2023
    Many 21079: 04/15/2023
    Many 22292: 09/14/2023

Microbiological hazards, what is Bacillus cereus and what risks does it cause to humans

As we explained earlier, foodborne diseases are divided into 3 main types:

  • infectionsdue to ingestion of food with live parasites, viruses or bacteria;
  • Poisoningwhen eating foods in which there are toxins already formed by bacteria (live or not);
  • toxinswhen live bacteria that multiply inside the body and produce toxins and waste products are ingested.

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Quality Control Officer
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In this specific case related to Bio Tofu, the product has been banned due to the possible presence (in these hours in verification phase) of Sirius bacilli bacteria This is it food-causing bacteria which can produce toxins responsible for food poisoning, such as those caused by staphylococcus.

This pathogen is frequently found in starchy foods, such as rice, pasta and cereals in general.

It is poisons in particular that cause damage to the body, which can express itself In different modes:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

For this, the Antibiotic treatment Usually necessary, accompanied by oral administration of fluids if diarrhea is present.

Banned Bio Tofu details of microbiological hazards
Bio Tofu (

Always call yourself The attending physician or medical guard In case of suspicious symptoms, avoid direct contact with other people until the final diagnosis is established by a blood or stool test.

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