Perplexed: “Dybala, Lukaku and Lautaro together yes, but in agreement. What I see is less…”

From the columns of Corriere della Sera, the journalist comments on the possible arrival of Lukaku and Dybala

From the pillars of Corriere della Sera, Mario confused Analyzes what is the most likely Inter attack in the future. form attack by lukakuDybala and Lotaro. “to me At this point the question becomes: Can Lukaku, Lautaro and Dybala play together? Yes technically, they are three different players, they don’t multiply, they have properties that can multiply. As long as everyone runs and quickly finds another way to be Inter. The process is great, I don’t remember anything accurate and economical. Lukaku brought in full just a year ago the number Inter need each season to not go underwater. Now back to the sale price. Dybala is one of the very few safe class players in Europe at the moment. However, bringing the three strikers together is the beginning of the work, not the conclusion. There are many ideas on how to do this but they are also completely unknown“.

“The first, for example, those who take space from Dybala. Will he be an attacking midfielder starting from the right wing or an attacking midfielder? In the first case, he will need a flexible partner behind him, Darmian or Bellanova, someone with more role. In the second case, he will choose it. To beat the tasks of Calhanoglu, not just any one. Entering excellent players to remove others with a very close value, costs an algebraic sum whose score is often close to zero. It is true that it is played in sixteen and more than fifty matches, But there has to be a base arrangement. What I see at least in this Inter is Dumfries. If you bet on Dybala, it’s the sacrifice.”

“It would be helpful to pay close attention to Lukaku’s role. He has to start from the middle of the field, and be the first to receive the ball from Brozovic. This will keep the defense more closed, and he won’t have to go very far to restart the action. Lukaku will cover many of Dybala’s dynamic gaps. And also a part of his space. He will still be the central striker Lautaro. I don’t expect much movement from Dybala. Any player useful on the field if he involves an opposing player will always be Dybala playing. This will leave the area for Lukaku. He will be followed until midway by a central defender, dismantling the defensive structure For others. It’s not easy, but Inter seems to be growing as a great idea.”

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