Raw materials “irresponsible”? Volkswagen Precautions

Assembly line ID.3: Report on the origin of the raw materials used.

Raw materials “irresponsible”? At risk of labor exploitation or an unsustainable production chain? Volkswagen Group stocks in-house.

raw materials
The report published by Volkswagen.

Raw materials at risk: lithium, cobalt and 14 other substances on the list

Last year, the first German group published Responsible raw material report (Report on responsible raw materials). They describe in detail their methodologies and activities in a new framework for “due diligence “. The This year’s report, with data pointing to 2021, claims significant progress and explores future challenges. The report focuses on 16 high-risk itemsincluding material for batteries From electric cars like lithium And the cobalt. In most cases, the highest risks to human rights and the environment relate to the early stages of the supply chain. In a level where the same residence the cars It does not have direct contractual relationships, which makes it difficult to guarantee Transparency and application of standards.

Stop deep sea mining

raw materials
The chain of controls from extraction to production (Source: Responsible raw material report Volkswagen)

In the report, the Volkswagen Group for the first time revealed a list foundries Included in the supply chain for Tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold. with their countries of origin. In 2021, the group specifies that it has set requirements Sustainability Even more obligatory for me presenters, including, inter alia, materials such as leather and natural rubber. It has also joined the obligation to define a moratorium Activities Mining In the deep water that arises Risks environmental potentially dangerous. In addition to “A global platform for the sustainable management of natural rubber(Global Platform for Viable Natural Rubber – GPSNR). In parallel, the development of reporting requirements for companies in the supply chain is supported an eraser.

raw materialsFor “responsible” lithium projects in Chile and Australia

At the beginning of 2021, the Volkswagen Group and other partners activated Responsible Lithium Partnership. start a project in Salar de Atacamain Chilewhich withAustralia It is one of the two areas where you buy the set lithium. The partnership includes different sectors and they are also a part of it BASF, Daimler, and Fairphone. The aim is to Facilitating a common understanding of the current situation and defining a common vision for the salt flats in this region. Develop a joint action plan to improve the long-term management of natural resources and promote dialogue among countries actors Local people “. Thanks to this project, according to Volkswagen, in 2021 two mines Local people They have undertaken to obtain certification according to the IRMA standard. The goal now is to engage more stakeholders in all areas series subordinate the value subordinate the battery. Encouraging certification.based on reliable industry standards..

Raw materials: for the “controlled supply” of cobalt

The Collection Volkswagen buy the cobalt in Australia, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia and Turkey. In 2019, it activated the mapping and auditing program forsupply responsible subordinate cobalt, in close cooperation with two major suppliers. More than 200 have been recognized through this program presenters Then, with a risk-based approach, priority was given to 25 of them with a view to being subjected Audit From supply responsible In line with the standards of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The results did not reveal serious violations of the PDF rights Humans Most suppliers performed well. In general, the Collection Volkswagen It constantly asks its partners to improve their policies and related systems to prevent and manage risks.

raw materials
Murat Axel, No. 1 in Volkswagen Purchases.

From the mine to the hive: rules of conduct and competition

Another major priority in 2022 is to intensify cooperation with companies in series From supply subordinate batteries, From mining to Produce from the cell. Group sticking toResponsible Extraction Insurance Initiative (Responsible Mining Assurance Initiative, IRMA). With a commitment to phased implementation of IRMA standards in their battery supply chains. all in all murad axelVW Procurement Manager, is confident of the progress: “We lead by example in identifying, evaluating and mitigating associated risks rights Humans and warranty supplies responsible of raw materials. On the other hand, we have high expectations of our expectations partner commercial And the presenters In terms of sustainability. our Relations commercial They have non-negotiable grounds. Like our Code of Conduct for Business Partners, Sustainability rating and complaint mechanism“.

In our opinion. after, after dieseljet, Volkswagen cannot make mistakes and relies on transparency to avoid further obstacles. He knows that the subject of raw materials is slippery and that Environmental associations and associations to protect human rightsI have his gun pointed. As it should be.

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