Robot finger covered with human skin by scientists from the University of Tokyo –

A team of scientists fromUniversity of Tokyoled by Professor Shuji Takeuchi, was able to fill in android finger From live human skin, made from cultured human cells. The era of the Terminator is getting closer and closer.

The skin is about 1.5 mm thick and consists of layers of the epidermis and dermis and is attached to the metal frame of the robot using mushroom-shaped fasteners. Since the skin is made up of living cells, it can heal itself with the help of a specific layer of collagen placed on the affected area.

It is clear that the goal of this discovery is not only to make more realistic robots, but also to improve skin transplants in humans, as well as to create 3D models for drug and cosmetic tests, to be used in place of animals. Skin can also be used to cover prosthetics to make them more realistic.

Naturally with the company announcement from the University of Tokyo, Japanese social networks exploded and advice began about the various possible alternative uses of rain, as well as jokes of all kinds, such as “Are you sure it was a finger?” or “The University of Tokyo has ushered in a new era of adult gaming,” or, again, “The U.S. makes combat robots, but Japan makes robots that keep you company at night.”

Joking aside, this is a great achievement that we hope will benefit everyone.

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