Sales far below expectations, says Reggie Fils-Aime –

Nintendo Labo I got good results, but sales Of the products belong to this line Much lower than expectationsAccording to reports from the former president of Nintendo of America to CNET microphones, Reggie Phils im.

“I thought Lapu would be a Turnout“Reggie admitted.” Not only among ordinary players: I have seen huge potential in schools, such as educational tool. Internationally, it has done well, but it certainly hasn’t been able to meet the company’s expectations.”

“Similarly, the experiences in Virtual Reality offered by Labo was very fun and engaging and unlike other VR games. I thought maybe this idea would make a difference to drive the product, but it didn’t.”

“Either way, I really believe in it Nintendo will continue to experimentAfter all, it’s in his nature to try different technologies and figure out how to make it fun,” continued the former president of Nintendo of America.

“I am convinced that there are clear opportunities precisely in the area Experiences between parents and childrenon the potential to develop STEM skills together (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, Ed.)”.

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