Sexual violence, Oscar-winning Haggis stops in Ostuni

Academy Award winning Canadian filmmaker Paul Haggis He was arrested on Sunday 19 June in Ostuni (Brindisi) on charges of sexual violence and serious personal injury.

According to the Brindisi prosecutor, in a note, the director was to force a young foreign woman to have intercourse for two days in Ostuni where he was participating in the “Then Fest” event. According to investigators, the woman was accompanied by the director of Babola Casale Airport in Brindisi and left there at the first dawn, despite her precarious physical and psychological conditions.

At the airport, the alleged victim of violence was assisted by employees of Aeroporti di Puglia and the border police who, having given her first aid, escorted her to the offices of the mobile squad.

The agents then took the woman to Perino Hospital in Brindisi, where the “Pink Protocol” for victims of violence was activated. Then, the alleged victim formalized the complaint.

In the arrest warrant, the evidentiary fact of the injured party was also requested in order to crystallize the statements made. The procedure carried out – with the notification of the Public Prosecutor – from the activity of a rigorous and clear investigation, conducted by the mobile team, which collected evidence submitted to the oversight of the judicial authority. To our knowledge, the director had known for some time the alleged victim who, after one of the episodes of violence, could have been forced into treatment.

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