She married Ambra Lombardo, but Kiko Nally “ruined” the party: the message

Two years after the relationship with Kiko Nali ended, Ambra Lombardo married. Short love, the love between VIP hairstylist (as well as Tina Sipolari’s ex-husband) and ex-professor, born within the walls of Big brother In 2019. After the breakup, she rebuilds her married life, while he has not formalized other relationships. Today, a few hours after uttering “yes” in Noto, Sicily, Nalli writes a message on Instagram that is as toxic as it is (at least according to the couple’s most ardent fan).

Yes, because to those who asked Keiko what he thought of the previous wedding, the hairdresser replied: “To all those who in recent days have asked me what I think of one of my ex-boyfriends … a happy life full of love. Best wishes.” And in specifically phrasing “my ex” someone reads Resentment: Indeed, if the relationship between the two was peaceful, Keiko would have no problem calling it straight.

In recent months, fights had already erupted between Ambra and Kiko, albeit from a distance. In February, when Nali was asked in an interview what he thought of Lorenzo Cassino’s (current husband’s) marriage proposal to Ambra, he replied, “I don’t even want to know where he is. Love does it in a definitive way.” Heavy phrases to which Ambra replied with annoyance: “Canceled? Cit.? But if I were interrogated in all languages ​​and sauces for months, with letters, calls, video calls, emails, letters and smoky letters, laid under the house in Milan and Sicily …”.

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