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Chiara Ferragni It still makes many of his fans dream. The influencer wanted to post a photo on Instagram depicting her in a swimsuit, but only with the bottom piece. Above, to cover it, are two cherries. In the shot, Ferragni appears to be in a flower garden, so much so that a pretty red flower stops her hair. The attached caption is “My body is my choice”.

The Madness of Chiara Ferragni: On the Shirt and Shapes (Without Veil) in Freedom.  screaming image |  a look

Needless to say, under this post there are many, many compliments. Among them is also her husband. videosWith great irony, she enters like this: “For me a kilogram of cherriesThank you.” The rapper has come under fire these days. The reason? Choosing to share the audio with the psychiatrist, during the difficult moment that followed the discovery of the tumor.

Chiara Ferragni, an incident with a very high sexual rate: one breast escapes, you can see it all |  a look

“My topic is simple: first of all, recording sessions is very normal, post it a little less. I suffer from insomnia, I wake up very early in the morning, like 5, at 6. I had not listen to it again. That sound That morning I listened to him again and I started crying like an idiotHe justified himself and then continued: “So today I read journalists who call me a narcissist like they said I’m a fellow… Here, I quote George Bernard Shaw: “I don’t like fighting in the mud with pigs, because you get dirty everywhere, but mostly because pigs like it.” “”.

Chiara Ferragni, the call of Maria de Filippi: Totally utter madness, what cooks in the pot

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