Strange case from the fake inside

After the Kyoto giant was absent from the events surrounding the Summer Games Festival, we’re back to discuss the possible organization of Nintendo Direct for June 2022.

Following the rumors spread by Alanah Pearce, a so-called insider who gained a lot of attention in the Nintendo community over the past year has now also returned. Let’s talk about Waddle Dee Knowsthe Twitter profile who last year correctly predicted several news stories at Grande N’s home, only to reveal that he wasn’t a real insider and only wanted to try a “social experiment”.

One year later, the mysterious user is now posting a tweet dedicated to those who talk a lot about the new Nintendo Direct. The tweet is available directly at the bottom of this story, and will be identified next Wednesday 29 June 2022 Time to find out what the next news is scheduled for the Nintendo Switch. But not only. In the same message Waddle Dee Knows He said the appointment should welcome a large number of connections from Nintendo, with a direct focus on Upcoming games between summer 2022 and spring 2023. To further stir the illusions of the audience, there is also one promisebig surprisewhich society would be far from imagining at the moment.

Looking at the strange history associated with the pastSelf-denial from withinHowever, it’s possible that Waddle Dee Knows is also trying his luck this time around. For now, we invite you to wait for connections on a new one Nintendo Direct Straight from Kyoto.

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