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From Maria Volpi

On Saturday night in Riccione in a nightclub, the singer was attacked and the hater kicked away. Then on social media, he challenges this fashion by Tik Tok which calls for insulting artists

He insults her, the music stops. The Elettra Lamborghini was at a nightclub in Riccione on Saturday night for a DJ set, and a guy started insulting her (apparently he said “tr..”) while she was singing. Eletra immediately interrupted the performance and expelled the haters (now they are not only back from the keyboard, but have come back to life in flesh and blood) with great force. She is the one who shared a video of the clash between her Instagram stories and then explained what happened to her followers. Because I’m good and dear but if someone makes me turn gears… my veins shut down and it’s over, says the singer, who, after interrupting the music, channeled the stupid chorus to the group that was insulting and chasing after them in a bad way.

In the video, a moment before the artist interrupts the DJ set, a man is heard insulting her. The uncomfortable singer resists for a few moments and then stops to respond to the hater and chases him away: One of those losers up front said a small word he shouldn’t have said. If you have the balls, take it and get out of the ***.” Then, going back to Instagram, I concluded: I didn’t feel comfortable. I usually danced, but I was terrified. These people were drooling. In these clubs there are fictitious entrepreneurs. Losers who pretend That they are rich and then don’t even pay for dinner. I watched this guy while I sang. When I told him ‘stupid, stupid’ he replied ‘Take it less. I don’t know who you are but you poor ass without balls This thing can’t pass as usual. You You are not authorized to do as you please. No matter how I dress. You can’t tell me I’m filming it because it’s not, it’s a matter of respect.

This is how the story began on Saturday night on Instagram Elettra Lamborghini: Tonight I did a DJ set at a club I know well because I spent my childhood there. I go on stage, this was my clothes (blouse and pants, editor). I usually wear a dress with a little ‘ciapet’ outside and stock it up, you can’t see anything, otherwise I wouldn’t. I found myself in a rather embarrassing situation. I feel like speaking on behalf of so many artists who have found themselves in the same situation as me, because it never occurred to me. This stupid trend continues on TikTok to pick up your cell phone, go to a concert, and name the artist. This evening it happened to me. Anyone who knows me knows I won’t send them to say. I launched Elettra a few years ago which takes people to pizza. I put the video of what happened and then I keep talking.

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