The Courage of the Three Tangiers –

From Michel Farina

The French “Insurance King” was arrested in Paris on charges of trafficking in minors. Now the condemnation in Morocco: threats, harassment and intimidation. “If you’re not there, I’ll kick you out.”

Courage and shame cross the sea, move from one continent to another: four Moroccan women accuse the French millionaire Jack Puther sexual harassment. Three appeared on Friday at the table of a press conference in Tangiers: a face covered with surgical masks, dark glasses (out of respect for privacy) and transparent words: “I filed a complaint with the prosecution – one said – to give strength. To other women who have suffered violence at work like me. We must put an end to this scourge: it is unacceptable for a woman to accept advances paid by employers for work. Our dignity is at stake.”

Abuse and Arrest

The Four Braves were expelled from Tangiers because they rejected the head of Assu 2000, a small French insurance empire. Potheer believed he was above the law through the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco is his opponent. Last March, as Stefano Montefiore said courierAnd the
A 22-year-old Moroccan girl, called Kenza, had gone to a police station in Paris to report the man who had raped her since 2016. After being exploited, Boothere replaced her with a 14-year-old Roman. The woman showed the police an unambiguous video, which is the victim girl. Boother had allowed Kenza to shoot, thinking he could control her as usual.

Abuse and Arrest

Instead, investigations led to the arrest in May of the 75-year-old businessman on charges of “human trafficking against minors, violence and sexual assault of minors”. For years, Bouthier has assaulted young people between the ages of 14 and 16, which he kept in an apartment before they were evicted and replaced when they reached adulthood. His wife, believed to be his accomplice, was also arrested.

treatment or treatment

The company was founded in 1975 and has 1,800 employees managing 720,000 insurance policies. Even at work, even in foreign branches, the manager used the same remedies. In Morocco, where a law was recently passed tightening penalties for sexual violenceMany women do not go to court for fear of social reactions and the family environment. Lawyer Aisha Djeila spoke to the Algerian press about the difficulties of her clients. “Saying no is not enough to leave such an experience behind.” One of the four women who denounced Boother “continues to turn to psychotherapy because of the trauma she has experienced”.

the group

The harassment attributed to the insurance leader will occur from 2018 to April 2022. And Bouthier is not the only man implicated in this story. “Many presidents took advantage of the weakness of these women»Deplores a few lawyer. The claim is supported by several witnesses. There will be dozens of people under investigation and could be questioned in the coming weeks. One victim said he was not acting alone, “but with the support of an army of colleagues. When I rejected his offers, he asked me if I didn’t have a sister or a cousin to present to him: he would give me a nice gift.” Another admitted: “I was twenty when I said no. With the expulsion they gave me a good way out: a good dose of death threats.”

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