The first place is amazing

Billionaires are like them, polls and the numbers they write on social media say so. The richest people in the world, who enter everyone’s homes through their products and services, are able to differentiate between those they love and those they hate. according to vote Proposed in New York, there are billionaires who love them the most, even if over time they have accumulated their share of scandals and outlandish allegations.

In the first place, for several years, there was something unexpected Bill Gates. Among the richest faces in the world are the youngest and most beautiful, who did not have time to make mistakes, but Gates managed to outdo them all, from Elon Musk to me Mark Zuckerberg. Bill Gates’ top spot was especially surprising this year, after numerous scandals and hate had accumulated on the network, especially regarding his connections to criminal Jeffrey Edward Epstein and vaccines.

However, the order of estimating billions is rather narrow, as the survey was given to a small group of people. One might wonder who the billionaires would prefer in another country, for example in Italy.

Who are the billionaires they like the most: ranking

Billionaires are divided. There are those who consider them geniuses because they have created and established facts capable of achieving unimaginable goals and there are people who hate them or hate them for the consequences that centralize a great deal of economic power in the hands of a few.

But if you ask a group of New Yorkers, there are some doubts Billionaires appreciated and respectable. Among these, in one Ranking of billionaires who like them the mostIt can be found:

  • Bill Gateswith an approval rate of 69%;
  • Elon Muskwith an approval rate of 64%;
  • Jeff Bezoswith an approval rate of 47%;
  • Mark Zuckerbergwith an approval rate of 43%.

Many percentage points pass between the first and last two positions. The difference in popularity may be due to a series of scandals that have affected the group of people surveyed more, such as labor exploitation at Amazon, which has been reported multiple times over time.

In general, however, it is surprising to see Bill Gates And the Elon Musk In the first two positions, considering them to be the most attacked names on social networks. the first for its connection to the pandemic and vaccines, but also to the narrative of conspiracy theorists who see Gates as an agent of the New World Order; On the other hand, Elon Musk has indulged in many controversial claims, as well as acquisitions and market impact actions that we can identify unscrupulous.

Bill Gates is the most appreciated billionaire even though he was a friend of Epstein

Gates has many skeletons in the closet and in his last interview PBS NewsHour A relationship emerged between the billionaire and criminal Jeffrey Epstein. The investigator pressed Gates, asking him about the connection between the two, and defending himself by saying that it was a long time ago and that he cut all ties before the discovery of the sexual abuse and child trafficking accusation.

The responses were described as so tense that Gates’ photo did not turn out as he had hoped. However, the billionaire remains one of the most popular billionaires among people. What will his secret be?

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