The fuel tightening has begun, motorists panic, prices are about 3 euros, financing has arrived

The situation in the fuel market is really complicated.

The reduction in tax charges wanted by the government has brought the fuel down towards the euro and 80 per liter.


But now with the flames of inflation and The war in Ukraine Now we are back above €2 and the risk is that it can go up a lot.

narrow fuel

The war in Ukraine and very strong speculation in the international energy commodity market means that according to many experts The gradual reduction of fuel stocks will soon raise diesel and petrol prices to €3.


In fact, the price of oil in international markets is growing significantly after the recent developments in the war And speculation benefits from it. For Italians, gasoline is becoming more expensive and more difficult, and many are thinking about giving up cars for good. Among the many items of expenditure that burden life Among the Italian families, the car certainly became one of the heaviest.

Inflation of fraud and prices due to speculation

But the danger is that there is a real danger Emphasis on fuel and start rationing. Also because diesel stocks are getting smaller and smaller. But the danger to motorists does not come only from the high costs and the risk of rationing. In fact, Guardia di Finanza reported that several inspections at the gas station The facts have emerged since the beginning of the year that even a gas station operator on two ports forward Outright fraud against motorists. Price equipment found as well as gas pumps deliver less fuel than indicated But there have been cases where water has spilled over into the fuel.

Tricks to avoid

This is a fraudulent practice but it is also very harmful to engine. So the question about fuel is really tricky and Italians have to face the scams and speculation they bring in The tank is full to make it more and more impermeable. For motorists, it is especially important to pay attention to scams at the gas station, but it is also important to save in every way. Maybe sharing ways Thanks to car sharing apps.

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