These unimaginable activities will be enough to quickly burn calories at home and outside without exercise and fatigue

Diet is not enough to achieve an optimal figure. In fact, we know that calorie consumption is essential to get good results and allow for the right balance. However, it happens that you do not want to go to the gym or do not feel ready for the daily run. So let’s see together some calorie-burning alternatives that we never thought of but might work.

These unimaginable activities will be enough to quickly burn calories at home and outside without exercise and fatigue

Feeling fit and looking good makes us face the days in the best way. So let’s start by choosing eating habits that can be followed in the long run and therefore are not overly restrictive. The second step is to organize our day.

Daily activities are formidable allies of the streak. METs will tell us how much we consume during the day. It is a physiological indicator that helps in calculating energy expenditure based on the type of activity performed.

Light activities will count for a maximum of 3 METs. The moderate density can reach 6 METs. Intensive activities will exceed this limit.

Calorie consumption will then be measured using a simple equation. METs should be multiplied by body weight expressed in kilograms for the duration of the activity. For example, if a 70 kg person does light activity for half an hour, the calculation will be: 3 x 70 x 0.5 = 105 calories.

What activities can make us lose weight

Hugs improve mood and relieve depression and anxiety. It’s good to know that they also consume calories. Incubating 1 dead. So 10 minutes of hugging a 70kg person will consume about 12 calories.

We don’t have to feel sad when we clean the floors. We turn on some music and vacuum and scan thinking we’re doing a good job of our silhouette. These are assets worth 3.8 METs. Then one hour of this activity makes us consume about 266 calories. By doing this 3 times a week our energy expenditure will rise to approximately 800 calories.

If we have a garden or vegetable garden to take care of, then we can consider the consumption of 4 meters. A few hours devoted to green space twice a week will make us burn up to 1,200 calories per week.

But looking good also makes you lose weight. 1 MET Consume at a hairdresser or beautician. Given the 6 hours a week devoted to taking care of ourselves, we would be able to calculate another 420 calories burned.

Just with these activities we have taken into account, we will be consuming about 2500 calories per week. If we add a little shopping to do at least twice a week for a few hours, we’ll burn another thousand calories. In short, to quickly burn calories both at home and outside, simply fill our days with things to do.

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