This Postal Passbook Will Make You Rich – Here’s What To Look For Now

Are you looking for a postcard that will make you rich? The research can be really complicated because new legislation on mail books will see you working hard to get the investments and forgotten interests out there. In any case, local records periodically report cases of discovery of postal pamphlets giving their owners interesting numbers.

Considered a savings method by definition by the generations after World War II, it is not uncommon for some old savings books to appear among family memories. Many of them are exhausted, with their investments withdrawn, and serve only to remember our ancestors. But some saw the money left there, forgotten. What do you do in these cases? Trying to get the money left at the post office…! Let’s try to better explain what we are talking about.

The Millionaire’s Postal Notebook: This Will Make You Rich

It often happens in the local news to find news about the family’s discoveries of a postal book, the value of which can reach hundreds of thousands of euros. Only by looking at the latest news can one find two elderly cases, one residing in the province of Lecce and the other in the province of Modena. The first booklet worth 250 thousand liras was found in 1958 and the second was 600 liras in 1949. Both of them had an appreciation of the interest that made them owners of an amount of approximately 300 thousand euros.

But as we said, getting these amounts has become very difficult. The Italian Post Office today considers these deposits to be fixed, after a retirement period, and do not automatically cash out. Often it is necessary to resort to lengthy judicial procedures, and the articles we are talking about are often republished by law firms that deal precisely with providing assistance in such cases. However, getting your money back is not impossible. Definitely worth a try in cases of such large sums.

Postal Book: Here’s the book you’re looking for

Obviously, searching for a brochure is not straightforward. There are no things of this kind at auctions or flea markets, unless they are souvenirs worth a few euros. If you are aware of a postal ledger that some family member may have forgotten, it may be helpful to be aware of the deposit and savings status. Laws have changed in recent decades, and custodians are better protected in cases of savings owners have forgotten.

Different talk, almost the opposite, if you’re looking for a postcard today that makes you earn through interest. This type of saving is at an all-time low relative to the profits it offers, and for some time old brochures have been closed specifically to lead savers to other forms of managing their savings. If you have an idle investment, we recommend that you use the selected section of the Poste Italiane website to check the current status. Having an idle mail book today is more of a risk – losing stored money – than an opportunity to gain something.

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