TIM, subscribers can rejoice: great offers for the summer

Excellent news for those who have subscriptions or have been customers of TIM for years. The National Telephone Company has launched new offers

Despite the increased competition, including unmissable offers, special packages and low-cost solutions, phone company The leader in Italy is always Tim. The national telephone company (mobile and fixed line) is an essential component of local communications.

TIM logo (photo loop)

Tim These days are going New offers for the summer season. He is well aware that other providers, such as the French Iliad, have already implemented a plan for low-cost subscriptions. But TIM does not want to be outdone, as the director has reported in recent days.

Upcoming subscriptions with reduced costs that have all the possibilities of the offer: Calls, SMS and above all surfing the Internet Widely. In short, everything an Italian could ask for on vacation to stay informed and connected everywhere.

TIM’s Summer Proposals: Two Low-Cost Shows On The Way

There will be two suggestions for Tim For the summer, at affordable and more competitive costs than other companies.

The most beneficial for TIM customers in the hottest holiday period of the year is Gold Pro. That is, the possibility of getting a ticket, it is spent on unlimited calls to all fixed and mobile numbers, sending SMS to anyone without limits with 70 GB to surf the Internet. Promotion renewal price 7.99 €.

The alternative is Team Steel Pro. A promotional offer that includes unlimited calls to all fixed and mobile numbers, SMS to anyone and 50 GB to surf the Internet at 4G speeds. The tariff renewal price will be 6.99 €.

All customers who intend to subscribe to one of TIM’s summer offers will have to initially pay €10 for activation. But beware: such promotions They are only intended for those who implement portabilityor change operator, from Iliad, Vodafone, WindTre or other virtual operators.

Those who want to sign up for these offers will also have to forcibly go to the store or TIM sales point. It is not yet possible to make this type of exclusive subscription through the company’s website or app.

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