“Together without nostalgia, the brotherhood never ends.” Party for 44 thousand at Olimpico- Corriere.it

From Pasquale Elia

The concert at the Olympic in Rome: 44,000 spectators for the first date of the tour, which will last until next October. Our story now

Rome Now the story to them. And on a Roman night, he passed his exams brilliantly, as if fifty years of success weren’t enough, Vendetti and Di Gregory They planted science even in the twenty-first century. But without resorting to nostalgia Because at this concert, which has 44,000 spectators Olympic Stadium In Rome, the anniversary was asked to stay at home.

It’s not one Reunion, which is happening now. Nothing like this has happened before in our professional life, Antonello thinks behind the scenes where you can breathe air strong complicity With partner Francesco. Despite talking about all the music going on these days, the two see it differently: Prince feels like survived And wishing all young people Rapper to get there where he did. However, for my Vendee, it’s more or less a matter of these terms: but as a survivor, I swelling, streamI feel creativewith a great desire to do more than before.

But in the evening where suggestions They follow each other smoothly along one another imaginary line This unites 32 tracksThere is no room for comparison. On the other hand, Venditti proudly explains, Living as “One great song. Basically one party, even if there are two of us. And again, they repeat, a concert without references, different from all those we are accustomed to. Unique. like never before.

And here is the event that begins solemnly Zarathustra also sprinkled by Richard Strauss (irresponsible way of presenting the evening) that serves to lead one Bomb or not bomb that lights up the Capitoline Stadium. The text that probably sums up their entire path Two standard holders Italian song: they left in two and they were enough … and bomb after bomb we got to Rome, with you.

Probably no one bet this past years partnershipwhich many see as problematic for reasons more to do with gossip Of the facts that have already occurred. In fact, after that one episode together (album Sanctuary of Theurious from 1971), I’m here now to repeat: after I own StopToday, our relationship Superior. We can send ourselves to that country as friends and not through third parties. We are brothers and Brothers You can never stop.

This explains why there is no Francisa piece written by Venditi in 1978 to welcome de Gregory When he left RCA Records: Sorry Francesco, they cheated on me and took me away memoriesAs if time is a slave to both of us torn kites that no longer fly. Antonello argues that the song wouldn’t make sense in such a context because it was buried from history.

The idea of ​​the Roman appointment and its aftermath Tourney (22 stages until next October), the two flashed in my head about four years ago, then Corona virus disease force them to Postpone All Date to be determined. And tonight I’m under the sky of Rome to give everyone a chance to singfull ammunition Scheduled from the beginning of the show to its end, inclusive Song
custom cover for Lucio Dalla.

For the lineup, follow us one movie script – They say – This is ours life. Target Ceremony: our repertoire on fuelWe brought good sausages to make Barbecue. Crowded spectators think of beer to water everything Situations. One great chorus of general to me Rome CapucciaFrom Alice to me remember meFrom Long live Italy to me Pepino. Indeed, hearing Francesco’s voice resonate with our own has a certain effect sad smilesto tell us again about us (Modena), or Antonello who intervenes Buffalo Bill. Why went past between the two story Nobody can stop it.

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