TS – Increased Lecce-Juventus contacts with Meriti

The young midfielder fired by Allegri in the Serie A final takes credit for his yellow and red eyes.

From a simple alternative idea to one of the main goals of the Giallorossi midfield. This seems to be the tale of a child’s talent Juventus Fabio Merity According to the Turin newspaper Tuttosportwhich raised today about the interest Lychee Which we expected this week.

Salento, who has already closed with Juventus frapota, would like to place a double graft by drawing on a young midfielder. Hypothesis Bean He was going to fix it right away, though frog The competition complicates the path so that the first goal becomes the youngest (2003 class) among his teammates and the only one, among others, who has already had almost a role a hero (6 apparitions) with the greats of Allegri. Of course we are talking about a loan, and given the timing, there is no need to rush to speed up the ongoing negotiations.

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