Vegetarian customers are in danger: DO NOT BUY IT AT ALL!

An important warning arrives for those who love vegetarian food and without animal proteins: watch out for this risky product

In recent years, the demand for completely meat-free or animal-derived products has increased in supermarkets and restaurants. This is thanks to the many people who decided to do this vegetarian diet or vegetarians.

Recipe with tofu (Photo Pixabay)

So it ended up with a large number of products in the market botanical natureEspecially proteins that are not animal but are derived from plants, vegetables and legumes. One of those is definitely tofuIt is now a classic ingredient in the above-mentioned diets.

Not only vegans love tofubut also quite a lot Carnivores and plants Discover the healthy and nutritious properties of this ingredient, which can be used to replace meat or fish as a protein food for those who don’t eat certain substances.

Recall the beloved “vegan” product: pay attention to the supermarket shelves

Bad news comes to those who love tofu They use it in many vegetarian recipes. In fact, the Ministry of Health officially issued a Re-Call For a packaged product it obviously risks being hacked.

Ministerial note explaining how everything Tofu Packs By Natur Aktive It has been recalled and removed from the market in recent days. alleged error Microbiological Hazards. In other words, the product can cause the consumer to come into contact with viruses, bacteria or pathogens that have clearly affected the food.

Therefore, maximum attention is paid to those who have bought (or intend to buy) tofu medals of the above brand. the company concerned, Biolab SRLHeadquartered in Gorizia, it is among the most loved and appreciated in the sale of organic and vegan products.

But what exactly is tofu? It is a vegetable protein obtained from milk curd Soybean juicer And from the subsequent compression to the moulds. The molding and structure process is reminiscent of cheese, which is why it is often referred to as tofu cheese.

many recipesFor vegetarians and non-vegetarians, it can be made with tofu. It can be sauteed in a simple sauce, it can be grilled or even fried. The flavor is mild and not too salty, but it can be helpful to turn this protein into something always different.

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