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In Japan it is now possible to buy a Diamond appearance Bucky BowlTo be attached to a gold ring with Pikachu or others Pokemon. It consists of 143 faces and is clearly designed to take advantage of the Pokémon trend, which is very popular around the world, but especially at home, where it is not uncommon to see them used in certain contexts such as celebrations and dining venues among others.

The Poké Ball Diamond, or Monster Ball Diamond (using Japanese terminology) is sold by U-Treasure, a gold-mining company that has already launched official Pokémon-themed products in the past. It is clear that there must be a great demand.

Doesn’t Poké Ball Diamond sound great to you?

The price It can vary from these diamonds depending on the stone used, size, color, and purity. Suppose you will spend at least a thousand euros at least, but if you want, there are more expensive products.

Poké Ball diamonds are available for all U-Treasure Pokémon rings, which can be ordered from the manufacturer’s online store and come in a stunning Poké Ball shaped box.

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