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The mosquito They are a problem. It is not only unpleasant, to the point that many experiments attempt to kill the population by sterilizing male specimens, but it is also severe dangerous. It is no coincidence that mosquitoes are the animals that he made More victims in human history. It’s small, silent and deadly the killerinstead of virus carriers Fatal or very dangerous.

In the summer, the presence of mosquitoes becomes so obvious that someone suggests periodically exterminating mosquitoes, without taking into account the effect on other animal species that feed on them. However, the idea of ​​a sting-free summer is very tempting and we often end up filling our home environment or skin with dangerous repellents too. It is better to pay attention to the quantity and always prefer natural materials over “chemicals”.

This summer, more than any other, the presence of mosquitoes appears to have increased and specifically to try to understand this phenomenon, researchers of the Sapienza University of Rome, in collaboration with other universities, are asking, mosquito photography and upload photos to an app called Mosquito alert. The goal is to keep mosquitoes under control, especially the most dangerous mosquitoes to human health.

Mosquitoes are dangerous to humans and beyond

Mosquitoes were not created to annoy humans, even if they succeeded in well intentioned. Like anything else found in nature, nothing really serves a purpose and they are all food for someone else. Mosquitoes are said to be useless animals, but this is a completely human definition that does not take into account what is useful for nature, other species and the ecosystem.

In any case, whether mosquitoes are beneficial or not, they are vectors of dangerous diseases that they are able to carry for a long time between one bite and another and not just between one human being and another. A modus operandi that has killed more people throughout human history than any other animal species. According to research by various health agencies (Fig. 1), mosquitoes kill more than sharks, wolves, and all other animals that we consider more dangerous.

shape 1

shape 1
Data on the number of mosquito victims

Each point corresponds to 500 victims, for a total of 830,000 human deaths attributable to mosquitoes each year. Compared to mosquitoes, sharks are dwarfed and cause “only” 6 deaths each year.

The most dangerous mosquitoes to humans: What diseases do they carry?

Italy has more than 65 known species of mosquitoes and in Europe it wins the sad record of the country with more species and greater mosquito prevalence. An alarming record, especially regarding the public health impact of these animals. Over the years, there have been several cases of the spread of some diseases that mosquitoes are vectors of, as in the case of dengue fever or West Nile fever.

Among the most dangerous species, also found in Italy, we can mention:

  • Culex Pipiens
  • Anopheles mosquitoes
  • Aedes (to which the tiger mosquito belongs)
  • Aedes aegypti

These in turn carry pathogens (viruses, protozoa, etc.) that are dangerous to humans, such as:

  • Yellow fever carried by the tiger mosquito
  • Dengue fever carried by Aedes aegypti and tiger mosquitoes
  • Zika carried by a tiger mosquito
  • Different types of encephalitis transmitted by Culex mosquitoes
  • Malaria transmitted by Anopheles
  • Chikungunya, carried by the tiger mosquito

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