What if it was the wrong choice? Study the “breakup” of the European Union, here’s how

The world of cars is about to change forever. But are we sure it’s the right choice? A new solution that leaves everyone speechless.

No more petrol and diesel starting in 2035. A novelty that probably makes very few people smile, who for years have used cars equipped with these energy sources. But are we sure it’s the right choice? A study by a group of distinguished designers and researchers—Demoinck, Mendoza Villafuerte, Postels, Banowitz, Tietze, Sens, Williams, Boyet, and Chailo—seems to prove otherwise.

Diesel and Gasoline, the EU Says Enough: But Would He Be Right? (web source)

All well-known professionals in the emotional sector and above all in diesel and gasoline engines. The latter has developed possible solutions to Reduce greenhouse gases and pollutants emitted from exhaust without switching to electricity. They were all presented less than two months ago at the 2022 Vienna International Motor Show.

Gasoline and Diesel Study That “Save Them”

The study we are talking about involves an advanced emissions control system on a petrol car. All of this has a clear purpose and that is to influence and influence a European Parliament decision that is actively related to the future of cars. Meaning, try to reduce emissions (100%) by 2035 by using only electric cars.

Any other kind of technology or other energy sources will be excluded. so what? Thus, this proposal targets the goals of the electricity sector, taking advantage of improving combustion technologies, treating exhaust gases and using new generation fuels without the new technology. To prove its feasibility, Building a demonstration car and equipping it with a gasoline engine.

Diesel and gasoline (web source) June 18, 2022 quattromania.it
Diesel and gasoline, perhaps the last word not said: the study “denies” the European Union (web source)

Its emission control system consists of a three-way catalyst in a coupled mode, combined with a particulate filter. The car is equipped with another emission control system and ammonia slip catalyst. The result is that they were Ultra-low emissions are revealed thanks to two types of sustainable renewable fuels (blue petrol) and e-fuels.

According to experts, most of the new vehicles in the coming years will be equipped with an internal combustion engine, which is why it is necessary to limit global warming as soon as possible. And a redesigned internal combustion vehicle fueled in a certain way, albeit with gasoline, could be able to accomplish this very important task. Who knows if this will be enough to change the opinion of the EU: also because, apparently, it is more than a valid solution.

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