World champion in breaststroke 100

The 22-year-old from Varese lags behind Arno Kamenga (58.62) and Nick Fink (58.65).

The best day in the youth career Niccolo Martinini, At least for now. In Budapest, in the final 100 breaststroke Class ’99 is closed to everyone 58.26 (new Italian record), Win the world title. And behind him is the Dutchman Arno Kamenga (58.62) and american Nick Fink (58.65). The success coincided with the dedication of Martini, who had snatched a bronze medal at the last Olympics from the same distance.

Niccolo Martinini wrote a new piece in the history of Italian swimming. At the World Championships in Budapest 2022, the man from Varese won the gold medal in the 100m breaststroke and became the first blue world champion in a discipline other than freestyle. The class of ’99, the Tokyo Olympics bronze medalist, starts well and turns into second place, only behind American Nick Fink, putting the turbo in the second tank and quickly leading, battling a recovery attempt by Dutch Kamenga. Martinenghi then takes gold in 58″ 26, ahead of Kamminga (58″ 62) and Fink (58″ 65). For Italy, the second medal arrives immediately in two days, after bronze in the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay.

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Doubtful and prey to emotions, Martinini comments on his race as follows: “It is so strange, I am so happy on one side and so less on the other, I was expecting more on time.” Enough time to make history: No blue has ever won a gold medal in the 100 breaststroke at the Long Track World Championships. Moreover, for Italy, this is the first world success in a field other than freestyle, if mixed events are excluded. “It’s a hallucinatory emotionThe first gold medal in a long-distance World Cup.

Fifth place with some regret instead Thomas will be At 50 meters butterfly. The 21-year-old fights for a medal to the last metres, but his 22-inch 86 isn’t enough to make it to the podium for just seven hundredths of a second. The usual success of Caeleb Dressel (22″ 57) over Nicolas Santos (22″ 78) and Michael Andrew (22″ 79). Ceccon consoles himself by reaching the 100m final back with the Italian record of 52″ 12, the second best time Among the semi-finalists, despite the apparent energy management in the last 20 metres. The goal was also achieved for Benedetta Pellato, who won the women’s 100 breaststroke with the first battery in 1’05 in 88 and is a contender for the champ in tomorrow’s final. However, no still excluded Ariana Castiglioniwhere a 1’06” 59 time isn’t enough. The world’s 100-time backstroke Margarita Panzera also stops in the semi-finals, by twenty with 1’00” 26, and Silvia Scalia, 11 times overall at 1’00” 58. Finally, There’s nothing to be done for Marco Di Tullio, who was eliminated in the 200-meter freestyle in 1’46 inches 29, a tenth best time.

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