Worth a lot of money!

If you find this phone code, don’t throw it away: please keep it and know its value. It is worth a lot of money!

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For lovers of antiques phone code It is one of those items that can equal a real fortune. It often happens that some old coins or some phone codes are locked inside drawers or chests.

It can turn into real wealth. But how valuable can a phone token be? If you have a certain phone code at home, don’t get rid of it! It is worth a lot of money!

Phone code: what is it?

Not everyone has seen a file phone code, but they have almost certainly heard of him. Telephone symbols were similar to bronze coins and had three grooves. Telephone codes were used to make phone calls to public kiosks.

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These coins were introduced into circulation in the 1920s by some telephone companies in the USA, and beginning in 1927, they appeared during the trade fair in the capital, Lombardy.

Beginning in 1945, telephone codes were produced that could be used within Italian territory.

appearance Public phones with multiple currency mechanisms It is slowly discouraging the use of telephone tokens, which continued to circulate until the advent of the euro.

Phone icon: If you have this, don’t throw it away. Find out what it’s worth!

Antiques enthusiasts should look for vintage telephone codes, with which they can make phone calls to public kiosks.

How do you determine the value of each antique? Telephone codes feature a code that consists of a few numbers on one face. The value of the piece on these shortcuts depends on one side of the phone icon.

Which phone code has the highest price? The 7110 It has a value beyond me €70. Telephone codes with initials 7304 are worth €60, codes with 7412 and those with 7704 are worth €50. Telephone codes with initials are worth 45 € 6504 and codes with initials are worth 20 7803 €.

phone code
Phone code value – Nanopress.it

engraving symbolprivate phone codeAnd with one groove dating back to 1938, it costs 250 euros. All other phone codes are worth €20.

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