A pill to replace diet and training? In the US they are almost ready

A group of scientists has identified a molecule that can make you lose weight by replacing diet and exercise.

Eugenio Spagnolo

Not yet in production, but it may be soon: A pill that reduces hunger and can also replace the need to go to the gym to lose weight. Science Fiction? Not according to researchers from two of America’s most prestigious universities…

The pill that replaces diet and gym

A group of scholars from Stanford Medicine Based on Baylor University Identify the molecule that prevents people from feeling hungry after exercising. For now, studies are in the lab rat stage, but — as often happens when testing a new drug — good results in animal trials are a step ahead of people.

In experiments, the molecule in question – Lac Phe – was actually shown to be able to significantly reduce food intake and obesity in guinea pigs. According to the researchers, It will also have the ability to replace the need to go to the gym. “Regular exercise has been shown to help with weight loss, appetite regulation and improved metabolism, especially for overweight and obese people,” says lead author of the study Professor Yong Shu of Baylor College of Medicine. “If we can understand the mechanism by which exercise leads to these benefits, we are closer to helping many more people improve their health.”

The pill that replaces diet and gym: the study

Scientists analyzed the blood plasma of mice after intense running on a treadmill. And so it was recognized An amino acid called Lac-Phe, a compound of lactate, a by-product of intense exercise, which is responsible for the burning sensation in the muscles, and phenylalanine, an essential building block of protein. The rodents examined all followed a high-fat diet but A high dose of Lac-Phe prompted them to reduce food intake by 50% (compared to the control group). This is without negatively affecting their ability to move or expend energy. Not only. After 10 days of taking Lac-Phe, the guinea pigs were less hungry and showed lower body fat as well as better glucose tolerance.

The findings, published in the official journal Nature, also shed new light on the links between exercise and feeling hungry. “We all know exercise is good for you. It is good for controlling body weight and glucose,” says Jonathan Long, Ph.D., lecturer in pathology at Standford Medicine.” But we wanted to delve into the concept in more detail: We wanted to see if we could dissect Exercise in terms of molecules and methods.”

human experimentation

Interestingly, the team found significant increases in plasma Lac-Phe levels after physical activity in racehorses and humans. Dr. says. long.

“Our next steps include understanding how Lac-Phe mediates its effects in the body, including the brain,” concludes Professor Shaw. “This can lead to Developing pills that can be used directly to suppress appetite for people who can’t exercise Easily caused by other conditions, aging or orthopedic problems. We have just applied for a patent in hopes of using this knowledge to treat human diseases such as obesity. “

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