After Returnal, PS5 is getting weirder, thanks to Sony –

after franchise backAnd the Homesmark Works on PS5 game More weird, and that’s it About Sony: said the Finnish team’s narrative designer, Evi Korhonen, during an interview.

Korhonen predicted that the PS5’s new IP would use discarded ideas for returns, and he returned to the problem by making it clear that Sony’s support was key to pursuing this kind of approach: the study was Free to indulge yourself Instead of forcing him to contain himself.

“We’ve grown a lot as a team,” he said. “We didn’t know what Returnal would look like when we started working on it, but now that we’re up to it and that formula has worked out well, we’re looking at the next project. Thanks to the Sony acquisition and the resources it provides us with the arrangement, we can Push us further. ”

“We had no idea how important the payoff was: development on a new platform, with a new graphics engine and a new team were the things that required learning. Now we have this team that has overcome thousands of adversities and learned how to build a game. As a replay, so we can start with more of strength and conviction.”

“We were able to better understand the importance of rhythm and the complexity of managing it in a roguelike experience,” Korhonen continued. “It’s really hard to control that flow, and at some point say ‘Okay, now let’s take this twist off. “Ultimately this is kind of the appeal of linear games, where you have to master certain things to perfection.”

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