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Anna Marchesini, Who Was: Italian Comedy Actress

You can’t miss it Anna Marchesini Among the list of “comics” that we will watch this evening during an episode Techechete’. Marchesini was undoubtedly one of the great actors of Italian comedy as well as an excellent stage and voice actress and an excellent writer. He was born in 1953, but left us too soon, at the age of 62 after a long battle with rheumatoid arthritis. His career has always been marked by wit and irony, which has reached its peak in popularity with celebrities triple.

with Massimo Lopez And the Tulio SolingiAnna Marchesini lived through years of great artistic extravagance, between 1982 and 1994, the year of the disintegration that nonetheless marked the end of the comedy group. His last appearance on national television was in 2014, during Che tempo che fa, when the disease was already felt more and more. On the morning of July 30, 2016, he passed away after several hospitalizations and an exacerbation of the disease. However, only a few days ago he managed to attend the graduation party of his beloved daughter.

Anna Marchesini: Illness and its concept of pain

From “Mother Lioness” to “Mother Bird”: This is the transformation Anna Marchesini in the eyes of his daughter Virginia before his disappearance. The actress had lost a lot of weight so far, due to the disease that tormented her for some time and led to her abuse. In an interview before that, on Vanity Fair, Marchesini said: “I can’t put on pounds. Some get old, some are thirsty. I got it from my mom. I’m afraid I look fragile, but I’m not: I think I’m in a wheelchair at 80, but the boss doesn’t leave me, she doesn’t give up on me”.

Speaking of pain, he didn’t define it as a bad thing: “It is the place of truth, in pain you are naked: you can use tools to cover it, but it is a necessary journey”, He said. She admitted that she was no longer afraid of death: “I do not search for the meaning of pain, but find that – even in myself – there is an amazing amount of life”He said. Regarding private life, Anna Marchesini married in 1991 Bucky Valentine Their daughter, Virginia, was born two years after their marriage. However, their marriage only lasted until 1999, when there was a divorce that also represented a very deep separation in family relations.

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