Announcing a dedicated Nintendo Direct, this week –

Nintendo announced a new version Nintendo Direct fully dedicated to Xenoblade Chronicles 3Which will be taking place this week June 22 202216:00, Italian time.

This is an event that appears to be exclusively for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which is quite understandable given that the game’s release is very close now, as it is set for July 29, 2022. Other information released by Nintendo is the fact that a presentation It will last 20 minutesso an important extension if it concerns a single title.

A dedicated Nintendo Direct for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was already expected, given the game’s importance to the Nintendo Switch and the proximity to release daybut it must be said that many may have been hoping for a more general Nintendo Direct, which could also report news of other games planned for the console.

Given that Nintendo was the big absentee from the various spring events that took place at “non-E3” that just passed between Summer Game Fest and the other presentations, there might have been room for a livestream of a broader nature capable of providing more information. .

In any case, fans will still be happy to tune in on Wednesday, June 22nd at 16:00 On Nintendo’s usual social channels, particularly on YouTube, to follow the presentation live. We will obviously be following it up and commenting on it as well, reporting all the news that will emerge from the event.

Remember, we’ve recently seen clips and photos of the gameplay, as well as a new trailer on Aionios and the opening date for Collector’s Edition pre-orders in Italy.

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