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From Ariana Ravelli, sent to Budapest

Ceccon wins at 51”60: “Today I had no rivals.” Pilate compensates for Olympic disappointment. Cuadarella flounders only in fifth place in the sixteenth century

The multi-tasking guy, has won the most world records: Thomas will be It is gold at 100 times at 51”60. Who would have thought that? is (“Am I surprised? Yes and no, I knew I was in the semi-finals”). And the terrible little girl won, Benedita Pilato, Gold in 100 Frogs, The specialty you have to find the feeling, which disappointed her in Tokyo, but we can probably say we’re on a good stage.

Ceccon Multipurpose

The man who was able to put a bronze in the 4×100 relay race around his neck, twice improved the Italian record in the fifth butterfly, (then the medal slipped), and put a world gold around his neck in the 100 backstroke. Thomas Ciccone, master of polyvalence, awaits the resumption of the 200 medley, “but I’ll think about it after I won an Olympic medal in the 100 backstroke.”

He got into the mixed zone and behind a spitz-style mustache that he wouldn’t take it off now, there’s not much joy. “I still have to realize, 51” 60 is a very powerful time. It was enough to run yesterday’s semi-final with the last 15 meters and I did, but this time I didn’t expect it,” Ceccon’s first words after the race. The world record gold medal, “probably done by 4 athletes in Italy (actually, only Lamberti among men, ed.), is the goal that is a lot of things for an athlete—continued in blue—.” Today, the Americans walked very fast, and Murphy always was He hides, then in the final he brings out what he doesn’t have. The other guy (Ed Armstrong) is my age and I know he can go fast. Yesterday’s race gave me so much confidence, Today I am not saying that I knew I would win but in my opinion I had no opponents. The two Russians were missing, it could have been an even bigger challenge. It’s not the goal, it’s higher, but I’m already happy that way ”, concludes Ceccon.

Potions of energy, strength, physical and mental are the hardest discipline for Thomas, from Schio: It is no coincidence that in 50 Butterflies he went a few cents from the medal, but twenty minutes before he had competed in the semi-finals of the 100 Back. Transferred to Verona where he intends to buy a house and where he trained with Federica Pellegrini (“At first I thought she was divine, but then I saw her in the tub getting everything like the others and at thirty, it’s not easy”), Thomas is a curious guy who thinks he’s having an experience in America (“But not to study eh! I’d like to see how Dressel trains”), and at the same time, he brings into our world a breath of internationalism.

Disappointment for Simona Cuadrella Only fifth in the 1500s, influenced by the usual phenomenon of Kitty Ledecky winning her 17th gold medal at the World Cup, after one in the 400. The American started at a frantic pace, a world record. Simona watched her escape, it seemed like a containment technique, but she didn’t manage to raise the pace of the escape, despite the temperatures swimming smoothly and ending with the second half. If Ledecky is out of the game in 2019 to win the title, here’s Simona closing in fifth by lap class at 16’03”84. Too bad to be true.

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