Chiara Ferragni co-hosted the first and last evening of

Amadeus Announcement for Tg1: The Digital Entrepreneur will be at the Festival on Tuesday 7 and Saturday 11 February 2023

It will be Chiara Ferragni Co-hosting the next Sanremo Festival: Amadeus announced it tonight at Tg1 specifying that the digital entrepreneur and influencer will be co-hosting first and last eveningWe are officially added to the list of the greatest digital entrepreneur in San Remo, said Tuesday 7 and Saturday 11 February 2023. Our Leader and Artistic Director said. Thanks to Amadeus for wanting me next to him to open and close Sanremo 2023, Chiara Ferragni immediately wrote on Instagram, posting a photo with the presenter.

Ad arrived with several months in advance Since then, Ama explained, his authorization for the next two editions of the festival is official in March and there is plenty of time to work quietly: I have started listening to songs, we have already published the list and I can already make an announcement on June 20. Thus, the 73rd edition of San Remo, scheduled for February 7-11, will have how to do it First protagonist Viragni, 35 years oldfollowed by an army of more than 27 million followers, realizing what for several years had already been one of the names that rumored about potential hosts.

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