Federica Calemme: Age, Height, Origins, Parents, Boyfriend

Federica Calmy in a recent selfie

Federica Calmy She is an influential young woman and model who became famous like many of her colleagues before after participating in a beauty contest Miss Italy. We saw Federica on the small screen recently as a contender in the latest edition of big brother vip.

But who is Federica? Let’s find out in our article all the details of his private life!

Federica Calmy: Height

long form 170 cm.

its origins

Showgirl Federica Calmy was born Casalnuovo di Napoli The February 4, 1996. That’s why Federica Calmy is old 26 years old.

She made her debut in the Miss Italy contest in 2017, where she won’t win the title of Most Beautiful in Italy, but she does win an arc Miss TV smiles and songs.

On that occasion she stands out and will be invited to participate in various TV shows, from which she will then start a career in the world of entertainment.

Participate in one of the episodes of the famous Canale 5 program Hi Darwin With Laurenti and Bonolis, then A Anything is possible tonight Conducted by Stefano Di Martino.

Also chosen by Flavio Insinna for the role of Professor A the legacy.

Federica Calemme recently joined Cast del Big Brother Vip 6where she showed herself under another aspect and was able to experience the reality of reality.

Federica Calemme: Age, Height, Origins, Parents, Boyfriend
Federica Calemme in GF Vip

Federica Calmy: Boyfriend

Many are curious trying to figure out who’s next to the showgirl at the moment, but Federica Calemme is very conservative.

In the past there were rumors of an alleged flirtation with a Napoli DJ Mario Agliata.

Today, Federica announced that she is single in front of GF cameras.

Federica Calmy: Parents

Federica’s father, Salvatore CalmiShe released statements to show the more sensitive side of her daughter, who hides her past of suffering behind her natural figure and perfect smile.

Her parents struggled to secure a future for her and made many sacrifices to enable her to pursue the career that she later acquired.

Here are the official social profiles of Federica Calemme:

We hope to see a Federica Calemme TikTok account soon!

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