GOW Ragnarok and new DualSense in State of Play next week: new rumor

Tom Henderson He has now gained the confidence of players due to his rumors and the latest insider posts seem to indicate the imminent arrival of one play condition Filled with PlayStation news.

Henderson has actually collected some news and rumors for the past few days, connecting the dots, all pointing to the not-too-distant announcement of the Sony event. In addition to a tweet from Jason Schreyer who talked about the reveal of the release date God of War Ragnarok By the end of the month, we also find a message Kaz YamochiGran Turismo’s father, talks about releasing a big update to GT7 next week.

As if that wasn’t enough, Henderson is also teasing rumors about the DualSense Pro model, given that insiders claim that during State of Play we could see the announcement of a new piece of hardware. In this regard, the user claims to have Leaves connected to the console And that he might send it online soon.

Pending to find out if Sony actually organizes an event, we remind you that Cory Balrog plays God of War Ragnarok and he told his followers shortly after his return on Twitter.

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