“He cheated on me and I found out from a video on the web. After that I had panic attacks »- Corriere.it

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Julia Lisoli, 19, has been next to the singer since school days: “I put his needs before everything, being sure of his love”

Blanco’s ex-girlfriend, Julia Lisoli, 19, told the Weekly Furthermore it How did the story end with the winning singer with Mahmoud at the last Sanremo festival with “Broglie”. The girl, 19 years old like Blanco, said her engagement had ended due to his infidelity: “I found out that Riccardo (Blanco’s name is Riccardo Fabriconi, editor) had another one.” All because of a video they sent me on the Internet. I saw him at the disco kiss that girl I had never seen before.”


The girl in question is Martina Valdez, a dancer from Desenzano del Garda. A discovery that would have caused Lisioli crises and panic attacks, leading to hospitalizations for anxiolytics that had been employed for weeks to deal with panic attacks. The story between the two began a long time ago, between the school offices and in Sanremo Blanco he dedicated his performance to Julia. After months of tension, the two met again. “He told me that he still cared about me a lot. He was wrong, maybe he was in a difficult moment, he had a lot of pressure. But I didn’t do anything wrong, I loved him, supported him and put up with him: from the beginning in Sanremo ».

“I put his needs before mine”

Finally, the girl also added that she understood what she thought was “her fault”: “I often neglected myself to keep up. I put Ricciardo’s needs before everything, I came later and it seemed fine. Perhaps it was my fault but I was confident in his love ».

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