Here are the predictions for next month

Gold has been a certainty in the financial and economic field for centuries but also has an important role in purely practical contexts: the properties that have led this metal to be so appreciated and ‘universal’, in fact to be sought in its ductility unparalleled in the field of hard metals, As well as the qualities of gloss and resistance to most chemical agents. Although somewhat present on the planet, availability has been very tight for a very long time and all of this has led us to consider it the “king” of metals, ideal for developing coins and other forms of things that have become a “symbol” of extravagance.

Precious Metals Occurrence Rate

The status of gold has never been scratched even by changes, such as those related to the greater availability of pure gold, which combined with the continuous development of economies less “dependent” on this metal, which until recently was less than a century in the past this was the economic standard (what called the gold standard).

However, today value is still fundamental in the context of stock exchanges around the world, mainly because it is considered a safe asset, that is, a resource that is considered reliable in the financial sector.

Used gold is on high alert: Here’s the forecast for next month

There are many factors that affect this mineral from a financial point of view. Compared to silver, in fact, almost all mined gold continues to be used in the economic sphere, and the market for used gold is very important and profitable for many. However, the concept of gold used changes according to the context: in our country we usually refer to “recycled” jewelry that is characterized in most cases by high purity (18 karat), and like other types of gold it seems rather sought after. Not only that, the value that affects the entire assessment of the metal is also reflected in the value in use: next month the current price of 40 euros per gram may be subject to an “increase” of up to more than 20% compared to the current value.

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