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Blood tests are a very useful tool to check our actual state of health. How often should it be done?

The Blood analysis It is the fastest tool for identifying any diseases, illnesses or deficiencies related to the health of an organism. It’s basically a file Prevention method, a control procedure to check the effective resistance of our body. In fact, many diseases can be focused by the variable values, through which the general practitioner can advise Any other treatments or clinical tests.

Blood tests: how often should they be performed? (pixels)

For this reason, blood tests should be done periodically, in order to keep track of them Check our actual health status And intervene immediately if necessary. The timing obviously depends on several factors: gender, age, medical history with related health conditions, etc. Let’s explore the topic together in the next paragraph.

Blood tests: how often should they be performed?

We assume that, being a preventative method, repeated testing allows Greater control over your body. We would like to emphasize at the same time, that it is often necessary to do it more often: if you suffer from variable values, such as cholesterol, it is good Increasing the frequency of exams To prevent the value from becoming clinically dangerous.

blood test (Pexels)
blood test (Pexels)

However, blood tests are generally recommended Two or three times a yearEspecially in adulthood. Indeed, with age, the risk of gradually changing blood values ​​increases. In this way the health status can be checked. Doctors prescribe in such cases complete blood countbut it also happens that they can focus on certain values ​​such as cholesterol and blood sugar as well as white blood cells, platelets, red blood cells or items related to thyroid health.

Instead of that smallestIn this case, regular blood tests are also recommended. However, in this case (if symptoms of physical discomfort do not appear), it is also possible to take tests Only once in the whole year. However, remember to listen to your body: when you feel weak, tired and lacking in resistance, we highly recommend it Call your doctor.

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