Inter, Lukaku Behind the scenes: Well from Forte dei Marmi. We are now working on landing in Milan | first page

It is protected from prying eyes and has a calm sea backdrop. One of the most important days of the summer transfer market was away from the luxury of Milan hotels, at the welcoming Forte dei Marmi, where Zhang and Ausilio were both present. The “Blues”, as it was known a few days ago, opened Lukaku’s loan and from that moment on, the dialogues between the two parties were always calm. The work of Advocate Lidour was diplomatic and polite, which in this respect, despite the difficulties presented by such complex negotiations, never showed the slightest delay. There is no aura of pessimism, only solutions to problems, which finally gave him the green light from Chelsea.

Back to the suggestion – No relaunch, clear agreements from the start. approx. Because in fact, the first offer that Ausilio sent was 5 million euros, and Chelsea rejected it. At that point, the Nerazzurri played with their cards revealed and announced that they could invest a maximum sum of €8-10 million. The Blues agreed, and demanded that a little extra effort be put into the rewards, at which point Zhang had to correct the proposal further.. The Forte dei Marmi summit ended with encouraging smiles, the rest to come in the next few days.

wait – In the meantime, the administration is expected to be again in Milan tomorrow, while Lukaku’s arrival will have to be postponed to the last days of the week. We need to iron out some details and also organize the issue in terms of safety. Mkhitaryan will land in Milan between Tuesday and Wednesday, awaiting weather medical examinations in Rosano. Lukaku will have to wait a little longer, but the impossible that was a few months ago is getting closer and closer to becoming an approved reality. Lukaku and Inter are one step away.

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