Konad and Carrefour, what is this joke?

Well-known supermarket chains have decided to close their doors in several regions. The consequences of this decision affect employees and consumers.

A ready farewell to the many stores Conad, Tuodì and Carrefour. Initial layoffs as consumers find themselves changing their habits by forgoing the usual savings.

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Closing leaves us confused Citizens and employees From some of the more famous supermarket chains but the selection has now been made. The general crisis affects not only small businesses but also great facts Who can count on a large number of clients. In cities there are more and more closing of different types of activities. Stores that open and then stop selling after a few months, merchants who struggle to make it to the end of the month because they have little income but when it comes to well-known supermarket chains it’s hard to understand the decision that was taken to close many outlets. The inconvenience is not only for consumers who are accustomed to shopping in Conad, Tuodì or Carrefour in their area of ​​residence but above all employees who suddenly find themselves without occupation.

Closure of supermarket chains, what is happening in Conad and Tuodì

Konad It is among the favorite brands of Italians. Promotions and the quality of products offered drive consumers through the aisles of point of sale in search of a savings account. Being able to count on important discounts by bringing high-quality food to the table is essential in a period of soaring prices when filling your cart leaves your wallet empty. Still, a selling point Cogininto In the province of Modena, it will be closed to be replaced by the Intima Moda outlet.

The same goes for you hate And the decision to lower the blinds in Lazio. Two stores will be empty upon departure 12 unemployed and 49 at risk. The operation provides for the mass separation of the Rome offices in Pio XI No. 20 and via Fonteiana 59/73 with the participation of 25 employees as well as 24 other workers working at points of sale located in Via Casalina and Montecompatri.

Carrefour, who will close the store

Carrefour arranged to close Frosinone “Sources”. For 14 years, the company has been committed to offering customers quality, affordable prices and welcoming accommodations to ensure a complete experience. The ambitious project does not lack growth and Cooperat They have always been the cornerstone of the company – these are the words that can be read on the official portal – but so far the selection has been made and the store will be closed.

The decisions made by Conad, Tuodì and Carrefour are a sign of that It should not be underestimated Or will it be a drop in the ocean? Only time will allow us to answer this question, for now we will see the curtain fall on facts considered solid and reliable.

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