Latvia sends more weapons to Kyiv than Italy (and has fewer Milan residents) –

A trusted German think tank ranked the countries that help Ukraine the most, other than the ads: the arrangement had surprising aspects. All this while in the United States, too, interest in the war appears to be waning (while concern about inflation or an “anti-US” shift is increasing in Latin America)

there Latvia is sending More weapons in Kyiv than in Italy.

This was revealed through the study by Trusted German think tank Who decries the huge gap between promises and reality: Major European countries provide very little military aid to Ukraine.

These statements shed a surreal light, among other things, on the ongoing debate within M5S where we divide by the movement that courier It was summed up by the slogan “Stop sending new weapons.”

In fact It would be a good start to send the ancient weapons, i.e. the ones you promised and never arrived.

Indeed, Europe is more committed to supporting Vladimir Putin’s fierce advance by continuing to pay for it gas and oil.

What we’re doing to Ukraine is laughable, as a Kiel Institute study on the world economy demonstrates. Here are some numbers. The total aid promised to Zelensky by the West from the start of the war until June 7 amounts to 85 billion euros. But in this figure there is everything, it is an addition to economic, humanitarian and military aid. Dividing this total by countries of origin, the United States has the lion’s share of aid pledges amounting to €42.7 billion. By comparison, the aid that EU governments have committed to providing is small: all together it amounts to €27.2 billion.

As the authors of the German paper note, “It is singular that the United States alone has promised much more than all the countries of the European Union combined, considering that this war is raging in the immediate vicinity of the European Union.”

But the bitter confrontation with reality comes when we move from promises to facts. One thing is the effects of the Declaration, the pronouncements that governments make to give themselves a good conscience and ensure that they help an oppressed and oppressed people. Another thing they Actual supplies. The gap is huge, especially in the military field. until Washington lag far behind, having made Only 48% of the promised military aid (Weapons, intelligence, training) Less than half. Moreover, the Kiel Institute study reveals that Only 10% of US military aid is real weapons like helicopters or missiles. From now on, things get worse.

It comes right behind the United States Poland is the only country that has provided all the promised military aid.

Then in order: United Kingdom, Canada, Norway, Estonia. Latvia. This is correct.

Where are the big Europeans? Missing.

With a population of 1.8 million, Latvia is less than the metropolitan city of Milan, yet has a higher military supply effort than Germany, France, and Italy. Far from “inciting” the Ukrainians to a “proxy” war (two arguments that recur in Putin’s distorted account of Italy), The West helps Kyiv with a train while not saving Putin’s money.

Attention to war is waning even in the America that Putinists describe as the diabolical director of war. The former Russian chess champion denounced this Gary KasparovToday, he is a stubborn opponent (in exile) of Putin, who heads the NGO Initiative to Renew Democracy.

In an editorial in The Wall Street Journal, Kasparov noted that in a recent interview with Joe Biden – on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The President of the United States spoke for 23 minutes without mentioning Ukraine once. He spoke extensively about inflation, the parliamentary inquiry into the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and gun control and abortion. Everything except war.

On another front, very far but not marginal to measure the global impact of America and with it the West: Let’s not underestimate the victory of Colombia’s first left-wing president in that country’s history
. Before that, it was Chile’s turn, Mexico already had a populist leftist in the presidency. If you add in the possible election of socialist Lula in Brazil this fall, that means we will have a majority of Latin American governments with a socialist imprint, with international policy views different if not openly hostile than those of Washington. Already now, but All of Latin America refuses to join the sanctions imposed on Russia. As geopolitics does not tolerate a vacuum, as the influence of the United States declines, the influence of Moscow and Beijing advances.

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