“Lukaku’s path is viable but must be specified. Lautaro is not transferable”

Nerazzurri CEO: “If Bremer leaves Skriniar? We evaluate if a defender leaves”

A matter of hours, maybe days. But few doubts, practically none, in Lukaku’s return to Inter. A process that is defined using Chelsea Despite the usual and justified caution Baby MarottaAlso, some kind of blessing comes from the CEO of Nerazzurri: “Lukaku already at Inter today? Not today, with director Piero Ausilio, we have the duty to build a competitive team that respects economic and financial balance, in the name of sustainability. There are polls and negotiations, you have to try all avenues without fear of failure. Lukaku’s path is perfectly acceptable, I’m not hiding. But we still have to think about whether we can define it or not. Lukaku as well as Dybala are our goals Which we threw recklessly, but I repeat that we must assess whether there is financial adequacy. These are technical facts that may be useful to usOtherwise, if we do well, we’ll move on to other goals. But what matters is the team, not the single process. Apart from Perisic who left us, the squad was really competitive.”

The Nerazzurri director’s interview with Radio Anch’Io Sport mics on Radio1 suggests that there is something to offer. president Apparently Zhang is aiming for another scissor kick On the amount of the loan requested by the Belgian for the Belgian, but the bulk of it was done. So much so, that Big Rom can get medical check-ups at the Humanitas Clinic in Rozzano already this week. Returning to Italy, Lukaku will be able to embrace Lautaro, one of Inter’s non-convertible assets: “We have our business plan to shut down the transfer campaign and cut wages,” added Marotta. “The goal is to build a strong team, Lautaro It is an indispensable element to pursue these goals.

In this policy, which also provides for a surplus in the balance sheet and a reduction in the size of the commitments, as well as several outgoing operations that can be defined as minor but no less important to the income statement, there is also a major sale that needs to be put on the agenda . The department we will be working in is the defensive department. Very clear, also in this case, Baby Marotta: “Bremer in Inter if Skriniar left? This is a market where it is more difficult to replace the attacker than the defender, and this is likely to be the area where we will have to act. With Ausilio we are considering valid alternatives when the defender should leave. “The Brazilian defender from Turin certainly looks a lot like:”Bremer is a world-class player And it will suit many of the top teams, not just the Italians. He’s a defender that we pay all the attention to.” Then Marotta actually declared that Mkhitaryan will be in charge in the next few daysAlso, Unana. Then we want to strengthen our youth even if we have to walk quietly and calmly. It is our duty to put together a competitive team at Inzaghi’s disposal.”

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