Marco Mingoni at San Siro makes a monologue and moves: “About the Social Verbal Lead”. At 54 thousand just for him: that’s how it went

Tears of joy seeing in front of him 54 thousand people in one San Siro StadiumIt was sold months ago. Marco Mingoni Don’t back down after the first song”change man“Sung crosses the audience, embracing them perfectly between tears His fans are “two years, six months and one day after the last date of the Atlantico tour”. San Siro This is how a princess is crowned. Enjoyed on stage for two hours, Mengoni relived the notable stages of his 13-year career and suggested 27 songs including the cover.psychopath killer subordinate talking headswas launched live on ‘The X Factor’, where it all began with the victory on December 2, 2009. A career that saw some initial moments of uncertainty and then took off thanks to a team that it still follows today, led by the manager Marta Donna. Mongoni elegance It was evident not only for the outfits of Versace, Valentino, and Marni, but also for the attitude of caressing the songs as if they were treasures.

It happens, for example, with “primary“, the 2013 Sanremo Festival winner, revived once again as a black folk song,”You will not pass“He who opens to the Gospel, then.”waves“In the tribal version that mixes with”no oneWritten by Felix Jehn. There is also the latest song “no pressure“Performed by six dancers, designed by Macia del Prete, which doubles on screens.”I Wanna“Mingoni is seen raised on a 4-meter-high elevator in the center of the main platform framed by a ring, as in a fiery circle, the joints of the piece also outlined by the eight flames. One of the most acclaimed moments”do you know that“,”Or not‘I really loved you’ on a cube that rises more than 5 meters from the stage floor, making it more focused on the center of its audience. do not miss “like snow“, who sang in a duet with Giorgia, in a blending”Venus and Marskeyboards and guitars forOn any given day“Great finale with the trio.”Ready to run“,”I am waiting for you” And the “good fitA”, accompanied by a riot of confetti and banners.

Besides music also the importance of words. During the concert, the artist gives a monologue on the topic: “It depends on who says a word and how he says it, but what hurts me the most is indifference. Even racism. I thought the word, how do I deal with the other, especially after these two years. I looked up those words that I would like to remove from the dictionary because they are related to gestures and verbs. The idea came after seeing an interview in it Goran Prigović He said it in his own language The word tolerance does not exist. I don’t count until ten but until I speak before I speak. On the other hand, there is a tendency on social media to shoot verbal shots that reach the sensitivity of others.” So Mengoni wanted to think about the concept of relationship with the other and You should always put yourself in someone else’s shoes And do not judge: “Experience should prevent us from inflicting on someone the suffering we have endured. I know that life is the time to try to understand something, and I do not know if I am at a good stage, But for the first time it doesn’t scare me“.

is repeated outside the spotlight on AC On June 22 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome With some special guests: Giuliano Sangiorgi (they will duet in “Solo Due Satelliti”), deer And the Madam. During the Milan concert, an autumn tour of the buildings was announced starting October 2 in Mantua, then touching Milan (October 5), Turin (October 12), Bologna (October 14), Pesaro (October 16), Florence (October 18) and Rome (October 21) and Eboli (October 27). The second volume of the “Terra” recording project will also be released in the next few months, while a new remix of “Ma Stasera”, signed by Benny Benassi, is available starting today.

Finally, curiosity: “Marco in the stadiums“This is the first Equal water tour of the worldCreated with WAMI (a startup that aims to turn even a simple gesture like drinking into a movement that has a positive impact on the world) and powered by green nation (The international division of Live Nation is dedicated to implementing sustainable measures to reduce environmental impact.) Among the projects underway to ensure 250 liters of drinking water for a family in the village of Kitito, with a total of more than 30 million liters of water.

Ladder Changes a Man – Human – No Pressure – I Want – Muhammad Ali – Psycho Killer – Believe Me Again – I’ll Trust (feat. Madam) – Only Two Satellites – Light – Protect Me – Words in a Circle – The Essential – Won’t Pass – Waves – You Know that – hey – I really love you – a thousand times – like snow / flower and mars – any day – warrior – but tonight – ready to run – waiting for you – good life

(Photo by Andrea Bianchera)

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