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General Medalist for World Swimming Championships (including art, bottom, diving and water polo)

Singles medalist at the World Swimming Championships

10.08: Peruvian Ponce de Leon won the first battery in 8’17 x 49

10.02: The first of four men’s 800 series qualifying starts

9.59: These are the 200 butterfly semi-finalists: Melac, Ponte, Honda, Julian, Razetti, Chmielvsky, Orlando, Kinderici, Zirk, De Dios, Carini, Marchand, Neo, Gay, Terada, Wang

9.58: Hungarian Milak jokes on the last lap, almost stops, then starts again and wins at 1’54” 10, according to American Julian at 1’55” 04, Estonian Zirk 3rd at 1’56” 13

9.54: Nice race for Swiss Noe Ponte who won 1’54” 75, according to Honda of Japan, silver in Tokyo, with 1’54” 94, third Pole Chmielewski with 1’55” 73. Razetti is already in the semi-finals, Karenni Approximately

9.51: Jade Razzetti who held on despite a very quick first part of the race won in 1’55” 71, according to American Screaming at 1’55” 94, third Brazilian De Deus in 1’56” 35, fourth Carini at 1 ’56 ″ 38

9.59: To 100 Razzetti, Carini, Guy

9.47: Venezuelan Otaiza Hernandez wins second battery at 1’58 x 54. Now Carini and Razzetti are at the start of round three out of five looking for time for the semi-finals

9.44: UAE Sabt wins first race at 2’08″ 21

9.41: Five rounds of 200 butterfly men, in the third there are Karini and Razetti

9.40: Starting in the semi-finals Yang, Wilson, Smith, Oleksiak, O’Callaghan, Anderson, Siegel, Balduccini, Gus, Bonet, Fairweather, Tang, Steenbergen, Rock, Weinstein, Fine

9.38: Canadian Oleksiak won the last battery with 1’57” 22, ahead of Britain’s Anderson with 1’57” 53, third place for Dutch Steenbergen with 1’58” 33

9.36: There is no Hong Kong representative Hughie, who could have been considered the number one favorite in the race. Ankle problem for her

9.34: Fourth slowest battery: Australian O’Callaghan wins at 1’57” 28, second Slovenian Segel at 1’57” 71, third Brazil’s Balduccini at 1’57” 81

9.31: China’s Yang with 1’56” wins third battery, ahead of second Australian Wilson with 1’56” 85, third with 1’57” 22 for American Smith

9.28: The Colombian Durango forces itself into the second battery of the 200 with a 2’01″ 61. Gus and Smith at the start of the third battery

9.23: Santos of Guam wins first battery at 2’15 68

9.21: The women’s 200 freestyle qualifiers begin. No blue, five temperatures in the program

9.18: Martinini qualified with the best time, and Cerasolo qualified inside for the eighth time. These are the finalists for the 50 breaststroke semi-finals: Martinini, Andrew, Gomez Jr., Fink, Matzerath, Richamer, Jan, Cerasolo, Franca Silva, Pechojín, Corbo, Choi, Sacchi, Sedlauskas, Schroders, Stephens.

9.17: Nicolo Martinini won the last qualifier by beating Brazilian Gomez Jr. 26 75, 26 68

9.15: Michael Andrew dominated the penultimate heat with a time of 26″ 71, second place for Austrian Reitshammer with 27″ 12, third place for Brazilian Franca Silva with a time of 27″ and 22. Cerasuolo is already in the semi-finals. It is up to Martinini

9.12. Third place is for Simone Cerasuolo with a score of 27 17 which puts him in third place. Not nice to see but the tension at first was palpable. American Fink wins by 26″ 85, according to German Matzerath with 27″ 01

9.09: Aruba’s Schroders won the fourth battery by 27 x 74. Now it’s up to Simone Cerasuolo

9.08: Moldovan Malachi imposes itself on the third battery with 28″ 43

9.04: Cuban Calero Suarez wins second battery with a time of 28 96

9.02: Albanian Kadiu won the first battery of 50 breaststrokes at 29″ 15. Double disqualification

8.59: The first battery of 50 male breaststrokes begins. In the last third Cerasuolo, in the last Martinenghi

8.56: The morning ends with four laps of the 800 freestyle. In the beginning, Gregorio Paltrinieri and Gabriel Detti, flanked by the medal candidates: Romanchuk, Willbrook, Fink, Winnington, Martins, Obwick, to name a few. To get to the final, we have to push hard

8.53: We continue the race that gave Italy so much satisfaction last year and that, however, will not be able to give 200 butterflies in this edition of the World Championship. There is no Olympic bronze burdisso, who is only in Budapest for the relay, there is Alberto Razzetti, European and short-time world champion, who doesn’t look the same as last year, and Giacomo Carini: both of whom can shoot for the world final

8.50: There was no blue in the race presented five years ago at Dona Arena to great delight for Azzurri fans, 200th freestyle Federica Pellegrini. Already from the high temperatures we will try to understand who can replace Divina, even the world champion tomorrow

8.47: Together with Niccol Martinini, at the start of the batteries for the 50th frogs, there was the rookie Simone Cerasuolo, who aimed to pass the role but did not have a simple night because he was in the room with Leonardo Deplano, tested positive in Covid, and risked not being able to Departure to Budapest

8.45: We start again where we left off yesterday, by Niccol Martini, the 100th breaststroke world champion who tried again even at 50. This morning’s qualifiers shouldn’t be a problem for the world champion who can’t be at his best but will have to Putting enough energy into the pool to enter the semi-finals

8.42: Two medals have already reached in the first two days of competition in Italy, the gold by Niccol Martinini and the bronze for the men’s 4×100 freestyle. Today is another field day with many medal cards in the afternoon but also many important athletes competing this morning in the qualifiers

8.38: Good morning, OA Sport friends, and welcome to the live broadcast of the third day of the 2021 World Long Championship competitions at the Duna Arena in Budapest.

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Hello and welcome to LIVE LIVE on day 3 of the 2021 World Long Track Championship competition at the Duna Arena in Budapest. The first main event of the year, 2022, which promises to be full of international swimming events continues again The Italian team asserts itself as one of the biggest players in the world with many prestigious results.

It starts at 9.00 Italian time With batteries in the third morning: Track Niccolo Martinini, among the favorites in the 50th breaststroke. The player from Varese will join the pool by Simone Cerasuolo of Imola, “disciple” of Fabio Scozzoli, The young European champion in the major, and is looking for the first significant result among the adults. There will be no Italians in the 200 freestyle qualifiers. Giacomo Carini and Alberto Razzetti will represent Italy “orphan” from Olympic bronze Federico Bordiso, In 200 butterflies, while previous twins will be different Gregorio Baltrinieri and Gabriel Detti to try to beat the 800 freestyle final Who saw both on the podium five years ago, Detti in first and Paltrinieri in third at the Dona Arena in Budapest, and three years ago the Paltrinieri victorious in Guangzhou.

In the afternoon it is scheduled Men’s 100 Backpack Finals with Thomas Secon who can still stun, from 100 Frogs with Benedetta Pelato in search of a great result, from 1500 women with Simona Cuadrilla trying to get back on the podium after five years of bronze in Budapest and three years of gold in Gwangju , Of the 200 men’s freestyle and 100 women’s backstrokes.

Brought to you by OA Sport life life On the third day of the 2021 World Championships in long swimming at the Dona Arena in Budapest: Real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 9.00 with the qualifiers and continues at 18.00 with the semi-finals and final. Good fun!

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